About us

El Churra Hotel

A little history about our company

“El Churra” is a Murcian company whose beginnings date back to 1955, with the construction in the middle of the Orchard of Murcia of a picnic area where simple and traditional dishes were offered. In 1967 the picnic area moved to the Vistalegre district, which is where the Hotel El Churra and the Hotel Azahar are currently located.

Over time, the picnic area is transformed into a restaurant and, in the face of success, Hostal El Churra was inaugurated in 1973. In 1980, a major renovation was carried out in which the “El Churra Restaurant” was expanded. Already in 1981, Hostal El Churra becomes the first hotel of the company, El Churra, a 3 star property.

In 1990, the Hotel Churra Vistalegre was inaugurated, also located in the Vistalegre district. In 2021 it undergoes a major refurbishment and is renamed Hotel Azahar.

In 2002, el Churra Restaurant moved in front of the Hotel El Churra, with more modern and equipped facilities and mixing traditional and avant-garde cuisines. In 2020 Casa1955 is inaugurated, our events and take-away catering company.

Over the years, the El Churra family has taken on competitiveness and quality challenges while striving to offer its customers a professional stay with a home feeling. Its philosophy is quite simple: to unify the business and family concepts. With this balance, it has managed to be where it is: always in a constant process of innovation.

*Fun fact* 

Where does the name ‘El Churra’ come from? Murcia is a city of nicknames. Mariano Nicolas’ father, founder of our company, sold products from the orchard, with the “El tío Churra” (Uncle Churra) nickname. And with affection and in his memory, we inherited his name: El Churra.